At PK Media Limited, we plan and buy highly cost effective and responsive online advertising campaigns across the full range of digital channels. We believe that it’s important to consider your online activity in the context of your overall media strategy and to maximise the opportunities available across all channels. For example, TV and online can be a powerful combination for driving response.

PK Media Limited helps connect your business with potential customers in exactly the right place, and at precisely the right time, delivering relevant ads when people search for terms related to your products and services. It’s arguably the most effective way of reaching your target audience.

We’ll make sure you connect with the right visitors so you generate the response you’re looking for.

Online advertising is a complex business. As digital media become increasingly sophisticated, the number of options available to advertisers is increasing. An online marketing campaign can include affiliate marketing, pay per click marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing. But putting together the right online advertising strategy depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Maybe you want to increase brand exposure across a wider audience, or drive higher volumes of traffic to your website, or increase conversion rates from visitors, or reduce cost-per-conversion… or all of the above. We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Only then can we create an online advertising campaign that will maximise the return on your investment.

Pay per click advertising is a particularly potent form on online advertising. By connecting you with people who are actively looking for what you’re selling, pay per click can have an enormous impact on your business. Of course there’s a cost involved in getting on page one of Google, and poorly-managed pay per click advertising can be a hugely expensive mistake. We’ll make sure you connect with the right visitors so you generate the response you’re looking for.