PK takes pride in getting to know about your Church and taking the time to know about your Church Mandate/ called to the Nations or focus on a demographical part of the Globe.

PK has a worldwide client partner base and has been working with many of the leading TV Christian Networks both locally and internationally.

We know the importance of you reaching your target audience.

Ministry Air Times/Commercials

PK Offers one of the best Advertising rates for 28 minutes program or a 30 or 60 second advert campaign in promoting your church Conference, concert or advertising your Church servicing times.

Commercials – People in general are very visual and this is what makes commercials so influential around the world.

Making you make the right connections

The Impact of TV advertising campaigns can be Intensified with the support of the programme sponsorships break bumpers, logo placements, product placements, or cross platforms promotions.

We also work with the Local and International churches, to air their ministry on TV channels in the UK. And abroad.