PK Offers one of the best Advertising rates for a 30 or 60 second advert campaign, in promoting your product and advertising for brand awareness, or it could be a concert.

This is what makes commercials so influential around the world sound captivates people’s attentions.

PK takes pride in working closely with all of its clients to ensure that your advert is placed on the right radio stations that suits your target audience.

We always as company ensure that we work inline with your marketing budget. But we always look to see how as an agency we work to ensure that all of our media partners give us the added Values and this all of this has been built over the years on the relationships, which we have built up as an agency so that you as our client can reap the benefits.

The airways are very crowded with marketing messages so it's important to achieve real stand-out

Successful radio advertising requires great creative. The airways are very crowded with marketing messages so it’s important to achieve real stand-out, and there are many ways to do that depending on your product or service and your target audience. A distinctive voice, music or sound effects can all be used to create impact and drive your message home.

Although creativity is important, we’re not in the business of making radio shows – we’re in the business of delivering results, and there are some basic rules you should always follow in radio advertising.